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Doing Business with ITRCC

Thank you for your interest in working with ITR Concession Company LLC.

ITRCC is dedicated to building strong, long lasting relationships with all its suppliers who operate in a safe, responsible and efficient manner. ITRCC makes decisions to achieve best value creation by considering more than pricing, but also any risks or benefits a supplier may provide.

ITRCC is committed to sustainable procurement. We have dedicated at least 90% of our contract spend for construction, repairs and maintenance from Buy Indiana suppliers and a minimum of 12% (6% Woman owned/6% Minority owned) of contract to spend to Indiana Department of Administration certified Woman and Minority owned businesses.

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We offer a two-year archive of past projects and closed bids to give suppliers an overview of our work.

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Contractor Safety Policies & Documents

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ITRCC Responsible Contractor Policy & Form

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Contractor Safety Rules

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Contractor Safety Certification

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Appendix A — Contractor Safety


Contractor Permits

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Application for Utility Permit

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Access to ITRCC Property


Contact Information

Please email with any general procurement questions, or reach out to:

Rob Steed
Sr. Manager – Procurement
Tanya Zent
Assistant Manager – Procurement


Brandon Hamlin
Buyer – Procurement

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Our commitments to safety

See how ITRCC and its partners are promoting safety on the Indiana Toll Road.

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