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80/90 Push Project

Indiana Toll Road

ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) invested over $220 million to improve customer safety and provide a higher quality travel experience on the Indiana Toll Road. The 80/90 PUSH Project reconstructed more than 70 miles of pavement and made improvements to 53 bridges. The roadway is now safer, smoother and requires less routine maintenance.

The 80/90 PUSH Project:

  • Reduces the level of maintenance work required in the future.
  • Provides a smoother and safer road for improved travel conditions and lowers vehicle operating costs.
  • Upgraded the ITRCC communications system to enabling faster and more efficient response to customer needs.
  • Delivers state-of-the-art technology which improves safety and customer service.
  • Generated 400 jobs and over $800M of economic activity in Indiana.

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Travel Plaza Master Plan

ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) is finishing Phase 2a of its Travel Plaza Master Plan, which will redefine the existing footprint and amenities offered to Indiana Toll Road travelers. This $70 million restoration plan includes the demolition and rehabilitation of eight travel plaza buildings. After this project is complete, the newly designed structures will feature modern travel facilities with state-of-the-art technology and new restaurant options.

Sunoco will be the sole operator of the Portage and Elkhart locations, which will be rebuilt into fuel and convenience stores. It will also operate the new fuel stations at the Rolling Prairie and Howe locations, which will be rebuilt into full-service plazas with HMSHost operating and managing the restaurant facilities.

Throughout this process, drivers along the Indiana Toll Road will continue to experience superior customer service along this critical transportation corridor.


The Travel Plaza Master Plan initial schedule places project completion by early 2018.
Tentative dates for the full schedule are as follows (Updated August 2017):
• Phase 1: Oct. 1, 2015; Fremont travel plaza buildings and fuel stations (MP 146) permanently closed. Demolition is now complete.
• Phase 2: July 2016 – early 2017; Portage (MP 22) travel plazas demolished and rebuilt into fuel/convenience stores. Portage travel plazas are now open for business.
• Phase 2a: September 2016 – summer 2017; Howe (MP 126) travel plazas demolished and rebuilt into full-service plazas.
• Phase 3: Spring 2017 – fall 2017; Rolling Prairie (MP 56) travel plazas demolished and rebuilt into full-service plazas.
• Phase 4: Fall 2017 – spring 2018; Elkhart (MP 90) travel plazas demolished and rebuilt into fuel/convenience stores.

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Completed Projects

Location: MP 10, near Cline Ave/Gary-Chicago Airport Exit (Structure 10(06)ML)
Scope: Bridge Rehabilitation
Deficiencies found: Noted cracking in the deck surface, deterioration of the beam ends at the end bents and failed joint at the abutments.
Improvements made: Deck overlay, joint replacement, drainage improvements and concrete repairs to: deck, barrier walls, superstructure, and substructure.
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