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Road Projects

Ongoing projects on the Indiana Toll Road

Improving safety and usability for all motorists across 157 miles of Northern Indiana

Bolstering Bridges in Northwest Indiana

Keeping motorists safe along their journeys requires well-maintained infrastructure. We’re in the process of upgrading a total of 18 bridges between Illinois and Gary, Indiana.

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Cutting carbon with Project Soleil

As we make steady and significant strides toward our goal of cutting carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, we’ve taken our biggest step yet with Project Soleil.

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Rethinking our landscape through Project Michoacán

After assessing opportunities to enhance our ecosystem along the Toll Road, Project Michoacán is blossoming as an ongoing upgrade to biodiversity.

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Completed Projects: ITR Push 3.0

Over the past few years, the Pavement Upgrade for a Superior Highway project has been a critical undertaking to deliver a smoother and safer route for all. The completion of this third and final phase of the PUSH Project involved a $200 million investment, the largest single undertaking since the initial construction of the Toll Road. It saw the reconstructing and improving of more than 30 miles of pavement, 17 bridges, and 4 interchanges

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