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What is Electronic Tolling Collection?

Electronic Toll Collection is an automatic way to collect tolls through a device called transponder. ITRCC’s transponder is called E-ZPass. When you go through the lane, the transponder is electronically read, and your account is debited with the toll amount.

What is E-ZPass and how does it work?

E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system that allows you to enter and exit the toll roads without stopping to get a ticket, or having to stop to pay the toll. The E-ZPass system uses a transponder to electronically record your toll fares. As you enter or exit the toll road, an overhead antenna reads the information stored in the transponder. Fares are automatically deducted from your account and the tollbooth gate rises automatically. E-ZPass offers a pre-paid account for individuals. When you open an E-ZPass account, your payment information is securely saved to pay your tolls each time you drive on a compatible toll road. ITRCC partners with an industry leader in electronic payment processing in order to provide with a secure and safe payment platform to our customers through the use and implementation of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and HTTPS communication layer (secure and encrypted). When your account balance runs low, our E-ZPass system automatically replenishes your E-ZPass account from the form of payment you provided (approved credit/debit card or checking account).

What are the benefits of using an E-ZPass transponder?

Using E-ZPass reduces travel time and helps reduce fuel consumption by eliminating the need to fully stop when entering or exiting the Toll Road. Because E-ZPass records each toll transaction, it is a fast way to keep track of your travel expenses for business or tax purposes. With its convenience, E-ZPass is the fastest way to use E-ZPass toll roads.

What is the cost to obtain an E-ZPass transponder(s)? (2-axle class only)

Transponder pricing varies by toll agency. Indiana E-ZPass 2-axle transponders are $25.00. Your opening balance is $10.00 ($8.00 for retail transponders) and a one-time $15.00 transponder issuance fee. Shipping and handling is $7.00 per order when ordered online or from the Customer Care Center. There is a $1.50 management fee per month per device deducted from your account balance. If a paper statement is mailed to you every month, there is also a fee of $1.00 deducted from your E-ZPass balance. There is no charge when balances are accessed via the website instead.

What happens during the first three months of my account? After?

Normally, when you open an account, usually $10.00 per E-ZPass (for a 2-axle class only), is placed in your account to pay your tolls. If you do not use up 75% of your opening balance prior to the first three full months of your account opening date, you will not be replenished during that period of time. If you use more than 75% of your opening balance during the first three months, your account will auto-replenish $10 per E-ZPass on the account until the three months have expired. Our system uses this initial three-month time period to obtain an average of your monthly usage. After three months, your average monthly usage will replace the $10 amount our system used during the initial phase of your account. In any case, you only get replenished based on your actual toll usages and your remaining balance is continuously carried over to the next month.

Part of the cost of purchasing an E-ZPass serves as your initial balance when you open your account. That balance amount will be your account replenishment amount for the first three months that the account is open. You will have a low-balance limit that is 25% of that cost. Anytime that your balance drops below the low-balance limit, the replenishment amount will be added to your account from the form of payment on file. The most common scenario is for a 2-axle class, which will have a replenishment amount of $10 with a low-balance limit of $2.50.

After three months of the account being open, the system will take the average of the funds used on tolls during that time and recalculate the replenishment amount. The low balance limit will also be adjusted, as it is always 25% of the replenishment amount. ($10 is the minimum replenishment amount.) Going forward, the replenishment amount will be readjusted at the beginning of each month based on the three previous months of travel.

Can I open an account without the automatic replenishment option?

All accounts are pre-paid accounts and are required to have an accepted form of payment on file for auto-replenishment purposes.

How do I purchase an E-ZPass?

You can order online here, call our Customer Care Center or purchase one at participating Northern Indiana CVS/pharmacy stores (retail transponders are for 2-axle vehicles only).

How long will it take to receive my E-ZPass transponder?

Once you have ordered your transponder please allow 7-10 business days for shipping. All tags are inactive upon purchase.

What functions do I have in my account online?

You can update your personal account and payment information, review current transactions and past statements and check your balance. From within your account you can also purchase additional E-ZPass transponders, report an E-ZPass lost or stolen, modify/delete or add additional vehicles to your E-ZPass account and request mounting strips.

What are the Indiana Toll Road Terms & Conditions?

The Terms & Conditions can be found here:E-ZPass Terms & Conditions

How do I contact the Customer Care Center?

For non E-ZPass customers please contact us: here. For Indiana E-ZPass customers your account can be accessed online at any time.

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