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There are four fast, convenient ways for you to get your E-ZPass. Which one works best for you?

Purchase an E-ZPass online

Register for a new E-ZPass account online, and your E-ZPass will be mailed to you. All you need to get started is your driver’s license, license plate number, credit card, and contact info. 

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Add an additional E-ZPass to your account

It’s easy to add an additional E-ZPass to your account. Simply log in and click the Add New E-ZPass button. 

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Purhase an E-ZPass on Amazon

We’ve partnered with Amazon for fast, free delivery of your new E-ZPass. Once you get it delivered, all you have to do is activate your account and mount the transponder on your windshield. 

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Purchase an E-ZPass at CVS

Need your E-ZPass ASAP? Head to your local CVS and get your transponder today. Mount it to your windshield, activate your account, and you’re ready to hit the Indiana Toll Road.

Bumper & Interior Transponders

Certain vehicles may require a bumper transponder due to a heated or infrared windshield. Contact Customer Care for alternative transponder orders.

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Activate your E-ZPass

Once you have your E-ZPass, you need to activate it.

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Once you have your E-ZPass, you need to activate it.

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