The Indiana Toll Road does NOT send out text messages or call customers requesting unpaid toll payment.
If you receive a text message, click here to report it.

Activate Your E-ZPass

Get started with your new E-ZPass by activating it online and mounting your transponder to your car windshield. Here’s how.

If you purchased your E-ZPass online

If you purchased your E-ZPass online and received it in the mail, all you need to do is: 

  1. Log into the E-ZPass account you created when you placed your transponder order
  2. Select the option to activate your transponder
  3. At the top, select or highlight the transponder you received, and enter the activation number from the paperwork that was mailed to you.

You may experience up to a 48-72 hour activation.

If you purchased your E-ZPass at CVS

If you purchased your E-ZPass at a local CVS and are ready to activate your transponder, please click here


Mounting your E-ZPass

Use the video below as a guide to ensure your E-ZPass is mounted correctly. Incorrect mounting may result in gates not working properly when you approach.

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