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Dimensions & Lane Widths

Vehicle Width

  • Our toll booths can accommodate widths up to 16′
  • 8’6” – 12′: Class 7 Toll charged
  • 12′ and over: Special Hauling Permit required


Vehicle Height

  • 13’6” – 14’6”: Class 7 Toll charged
  • 14’6” and over: Special Hauling Permit required
  • Our bridges can accommodate heights up to 15’4”. For heights over that, contact the Infrastructure Department: 574-674-8836


Vehicle Length

Single vehicle under own motive power (other than busses)


  • 40′ – 65′: Class 7 Toll charged
  • 65′ and over: Prohibited

Two Vehicle Combination

Three Vehicle Combination

  • 65′ and over: Prohibited

Semi Tractor and Trailer Combinations

Semi Tractor in Three Vehicle Combinations (Pups)

  • 28’6” and over: Prohibited


Vehicle Weight

  • Max Single Axel Weight: 22,400 lbs
  • Max Tandem Axel Weight/Axle: 18,000 lbs
  • Max Gross Weight: 90,000 lbs
  • Vehicles over these limits: Special Hauling Permit required

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