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Toll Plaza Fire Suppression System

Project ID: Toll Plaza Fire Suppression System

ITR Concession Company LLC (“ITRCC”) is requesting bids from responsible contractors for the following services detailed in the project overview. A brief description is set forth below, with detailed requirements in subsequent sections.

ITRCC is a privately owned company that finances, operates and maintains the Indiana Toll Road. The work for this project includes all steps, items, and materials necessary to complete the Scope of Work in accordance with current INDOT standards and specifications, the Special Provisions, and this invitation to bid (IFB). The contractor shall provide all Maintenance of Traffic in accordance with IMUTCD, INDOT, and ITRCC standards. ITRCC requests bids from responsible contractors, if applicable to the work required. ITRCC reserves the right to modify, change, add or delete any sections of scope during the solicitation period and up to the issuance of a contract. These changes shall be captured through addendums issued to all participating prime contractors.

Any contractor participating in the bid process must be aware of and meet all applicable requirements set forth in the “Indiana Toll Road Concession and Lease Agreement” (CLA). The CLA can be found on the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) website at IFA: Lease ( The contractor selected to deliver this Project will have demonstrated an ability to deliver this Project safely, competently, and with a strong focus on the ITRCC’s main drivers for the Project.

Project Overview:
This Project involves the installation of a fire suppression system at the Westpoint, Portage, and Eastpoint Toll Plazas utilizing the attached mechanical and electrical designs but allows for each bidder to approach the project using their own unique system or standard system available in the marketplace.

This is a turn-key project which means the winning bidder is responsible for all aspects of the projects, from procurement, permits (if needed), coordination with local fire agencies for concurrence on approach, as well as integration into ITRCC’s fiber network with controls both local to each plaza, and at the administration building Traffic Management Center (TMC).

Coordination with ITRCC’s IT department will be necessary to ensure all data and network security requirements are met, which are attached to this Invitation for Bid (IFB).

The system, once deployed, shall detect a vehicle fire while alerting ITRCC staff and simultaneously engaging the suppression system to minimize the fire and damage to ITRCC property.

Bid submission deadline: December 15, 2023

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