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Click here for PDF of current toll rates. (Updated: July, 2017)

Travel Plaza and Rest Stops

Click here for a downloadable PDF.

ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) has eight Travel Plazas on the Indiana Toll Road; four eastbound and four westbound, they offer, popular restaurant choices, convenience stores, snack kiosk and gift shops. All travel plazas have modern restrooms, telephones, ATM’s, vending and lottery.

Fuel Stations offer quality fuels, motor oils and fluids, air and accessories. All fuel stations are open 24 hours and major credit cards are accepted.

Here is contact information for the fuel stations on the Indiana Toll Road.

Portage (1N) 219-762-3641

Debbie Shepard

Portage (1S) 219-762-4882

Dawn Hammersten

Howe (7N) 260-562-2870

Kari Randall

Howe (7S) 260-562-2676

Dale Winebrenner

Pay Unpaid Toll

Sometimes drivers miss a toll payment or may not pay the correct amount. Please click here to pay.  It’s easy. Thank you.

Emergency Information

ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) is committed to a safe experience for its travelers. In the case of any unforeseen emergency situations, here is some helpful information.

Lane Closure Report

To view the Lane Closure Report click here

Indiana State Police – Toll Road District

The Indiana State Police post is located off of exit 96 (Elkhart East toll plaza). If you are in need of a State Trooper you can:

• Contact any toll attendant
• Contact Travel plaza vendor
• Dial 911 from your cellular phone

Disabled Vehicles

Travelers who experience vehicle problems or other emergencies should:

  1. Signal changing of lanes and pull off of the roadway, onto the shoulder
  2. Turn on your flashing hazard lights and raise your hood to signal distress
  3. Remain in your vehicle if you cannot quickly fix the problem
  4. If you have a cellular telephone, dial 911 for assistance

Please do not attempt to walk, hitchhike or stop other vehicles for help. A State Trooper or Toll Road employee will observe your distress signal and stop. Motor club service is available along most portions of the Indiana Toll Road upon request. For your protection, there is a 2-hour limit for all disabled vehicles.

Abandoned vehicles will be towed off of the Indiana Toll Road for protective custody.

Commercial Truck Information

Traveling through the United States as a truck driver comes with a lot of responsibility. ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) wants to make it as easy as possible to drive through the state of Indiana using the Indiana Toll Road. Please click on the links below for truck information, lane widths, dimensions and weight limits and special hauling permit information.

Commercial Truck Travel Information
Dimensions & Weight Limits
Special Hauling Permits
Lane Widths

* For Oversize/Overweight permit information, please click here.
* For additional information, please refer to:
* Publication 101 Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permitting Handbook, Indiana Department of Revenue, Motor Carrier Services Division
* Indiana Code Section 8-15-2-17.2: Page 21 “Scope of rules; violations; offenses; penalties”

Oversize vehicles MUST use outside lanes upon entering and exiting the road.

Vehicle Rates by Class

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