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Sustainability along the ITR

Operating a world-class toll road in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion.

Committed to the communities we serve, ITRCC embraces a long-term perspective and an agile approach to every aspect of our business. We’re continually improving as we strive to apply new technologies and operational strategies that enhance our environmental and social impacts.

Continuing our investment in sustainable business practices, the Indiana Toll Road has formally established a pathway to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, with an additional commitment of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Through fleet enhancements, electric charging infrastructure, smart lighting systems, and solar powered technologies, we will continue to build a safe, efficient ,and sustainable Toll Road for customers and communities across Northern Indiana.

Expanding our investments in renewable energy

Partnering with Solscient Energy, we secured 1,700+ additional kilowatts of solar energy through installations at 14 ITRCC locations across the Toll Road. We’re sizing these arrays to offset current electric consumption at each of these facilities. These steps advance us toward our goal of eliminating more than 1,000 metric tons of carbon emissions annually by 2030.


Timeline of ITRCC investments

  • 2017: 700 trees planted along the Toll Road
  • 2018: 200,000 lbs. of rubber collected through our roadway recycling program (+30% v. 2017) and repurposed for reuse in architecture, landscaping, and rubberized asphalt
  • 2019: Construction of new, environmentally sustainable administration building, featuring solar panels, smart heating and cooling systems, and architecture optimized for natural light
  • 2019 – 2023: 5 new salt domes designed to protect plants, animals, and waterways in local ecosystem
  • 2021: Replacement of 150+ outdated desktop workstations with energy efficient equipment
  • 2022: Installation of electric heat pumps at 16 facilities, replacing older natural gas boilers

Sustainability Reports

2023 Sustainability Report

ITRCC 2022 Sustainability Report

2022 Sustainability Report

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