Whether you’re headed home for the Holidays, visiting us through your daily commute, or making a stop at one of our travel plazas, thank you for choosing the Indiana Toll Road. From Toll Collection to Roadway Maintenance, our team works to get you where you’re going, as quickly and as safely as possible.

PUSH 2.0 is complete!

This year’s PUSH 2.0 project upgraded the Toll Road from Mile Marker 0 through 10. The project improved over 45 lane miles, 40 shoulder miles, 16 bridges, four interchanges, and one truck parking lot. To the joy of many travelers, the project was completed ahead of schedule. Most importantly, the entire project was completed with ZERO lost time injuries! Thank you for keeping our workers safe, and enjoy the drive!

E-Z Pass Automatic Replenishment

In 2020, the way your E-Z Pass balance replenishes will change. Starting January 1, automatic replenishment will be based on your last three months of usage. If you use the Toll Road often, the new automatic replenishment value will more accurately match your needs. This new approach allows us to reduce the number of times you are charged: Previously, the static value could charge your account multiple times a day if you were a heavy traveler. This new approach ensures you always have the right balance for your travel needs.

When you reach for your phone while driving, what message are you sending?

Indiana Toll Road, The Ohio Turnpike, and The Pennsylvania Turnpike have teamed up to promote safe driving habits. Distracted driving claims thousands of lives a year, but you can help keep fellow travelers, your family, and yourself safe: Never use your phone while driving.

Travel Plazas Filled with Holiday Spirit

As you head out for your Holiday Travels, make sure to visit our Travel Plazas! Team members have made sure the plazas are filled with Holiday spirit: Look out for the Starbucks snowman, Popeyes tree, Sbarro star, and more! We also congratulate HMS Host on winning a variety of Holiday awards. Their spirit is contagious, so make sure to stop by and check it out!