The Indiana Toll Road does NOT send out text messages asking for sensitive information. If you receive a message, please contact Customer Service (574) 675-4010 or visit

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Need to file a Vehicle Claim?

Click here to file a vehicle claim.

Incorrect Toll Charges

If you were incorrectly charged via cash/card, click here. If you were incorrectly charged via E-ZPass, click here to log into your account and dispute the charge.

Americans with Disabilities Act

ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) is committed to the safety of its customers and employees as well as accommodating those with disabilities. As part of this commitment, ITRCC accommodates drivers with upper-limb disabilities. All Non E-ZPass toll booths located on the Indiana Toll Road that may require upper body mobility have a posted ADA phone number which any driver with a disability can call for immediate assistance necessary at such toll booth. All E-ZPass toll lanes have a customer assistance function that is activated automatically if a valid E-ZPass is not detected.

In addition, ITRCC also waives certain initial E-ZPass account start-up fees for customers who are affected by upper limb disabilities that may impact their ability to retrieve a ticket or pay cash at a toll booth. Please contact ITRCC to obtain such a fee waiver at 574.675.4010. Please note that certain documentation may be required to be considered for the E-ZPass fees waiver.

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